Desired delivery date
While arranging your order, you have the opportunity to enter a desired delivery date. isomasters commits to processing your orders in 48 hours. After you have placed your order, the delivery date will be confirmed via email. You’re welcome to check the status of your order on this client platform. Look it up under the ‘My account’ menu.
Collection in our warehouse
You’re also invited to pick up your order in the isomasters warehouse (Pontstraat 80, 8791 Beveren-Leie). Any orders will be processed in 2 working days.

Warehouse opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Closed on weekends and public holidays.
Deliveries outside Belgium
isomasters commits to process all orders in 48h. After processing, add a delivery time of 1 working day for Belgium, 3 working days for addresses within Europe and 7 working days for deliveries outside Europe.
Delivery costs
To addresses in Belgium: €15
To addresses in the Netherlands: €25
To addresses in France: €30
To addresses in Germany: €30

For delivery to addresses in other countries, please contact our commercial office via or on +32 (0) 56 71 04 94.
Please note: Outside the EU, import or customs charges may apply. These amounts are calculated by the country in question. As a customer, you are responsible for ensuring these costs are met. If you would like to know the extent of the costs, we advise you to contact the customs service for the relevant country.
Our partner
 For the delivery of your orders to the desired address, we work with an external partner: GLS. If there is no one present when GLS brings your order, our partner will attempt to deliver the package a second time. If there is no one present this second time, the package will be stored in a GLS warehouse for one week, during which time you’ll be expected to collect it. Your GLS delivery person will leave all relevant information at your delivery address.